Marilyn Robb

The Edgewood Wall paddle

Name of the Paddle: The Edgewood Wall paddle

Display Location: The Bobcaygeon Inn

Artist Name: Marilyn Robb

Medium: I began by sketching on the paddle in pencil and then used gouache (water based paint) to paint freehand, then sealed with spray-on varnish.

Artist Bio: I was born in Toronto and have worked there as a jewellery designer for the past 40+ years.  My husband and I started coming up to Bobcaygeon in the early 80’s, finally purchasing our own property on Pigeon Lake in 2010.  We plan on selling our house in Richmond Hill and building our retirement home here in the next few years. Having navigated the entire Trent-Severn Waterway, I can attest to the beauty and luxury of this world class system.  Boating here is the best vacation ever!  I look forward to painting in my retirement here in paradise.

Paddle Description: I saw the article in Kawartha Lakes ‘This Week’ about the Edgewood Wall at Case Manor being heritage designated this year and that it was being restored through a volunteer initiative to celebrate its 130th birthday.  In the same paper I saw the ad for the Paddle Art Project and the design of the wall and ‘Bobcaygeon’ being intertwined immediately came to mind. The Edgewood wall was built at the home of W.T.C. Boyd, Mossom Boyd’s son.  My depiction of the Edgewood wall also includes the Mossom Boyd stone archway that was restored and relocated to the museum on Canal Street.  The Mossom Boyd Mansion, which sat just down the street from the Edgewood estate, was destroyed by fire in 1995.  In my artwork, it sits behind the Edgewood wall.  The paddle blade is framed in blue (water) with 3 waves symbolizing the 3 islands which make up Bobcaygeon.  Early modes of water transport (canoe and steamship) and water inhabitants (fish, loons, birds) complete the blade.  The handle has an intertwining ribbon design of red and green channel markers ending with #32 (Bobcaygeon lock #).  Rendered in gouache and lightly varnished, it was a pleasure to complete.

Where to find more of the artist’s artwork: I have been working as a custom jewellery designer for the past 41 years. My other artwork, mostly watercolour landscapes and buildings, I do for specific clients. In my retirement I hope to be able to keep myself busy with commissioned work.

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

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