Sandy Cogar

Tranquil Waters

Paddle Name: Tranquil Waters

Display Location: Buckeye Surf

Artist Name: Sandy Cogar

Medium: Metal, paint and Patina solution.

Artist Bio:  Sandy Cogar is a metal artist and her specialty is garden art. She uses a simplistic blend of metal and rock to create natural yet unique sculptures. She has also broadened her skills to larger sculptures and commission projects. Her work is promoted through local art shows and at her studio “Garden Art by Sandy’ located in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. 

Paddle Description: This metal paddle sculpture depicts the beauty of our lakes laden with beautiful wild yellow water lilies in late spring. This is a pleasing resting stop for the clusters of dragonflies that come out in abundance during feeding swarms. They are a welcome site to locals and cottagers as they help control the mosquito population! The old railway spike body of the dragonfly in this sculpture reflects our scenic heritage rail trail that offers us an abundance of natural recreation.

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