Daniel Marlatt

Together we Stand

Name of the Paddle: Together we Stand

Display Location:  Mainstreet Bar and Grill, Buckhorn

Artist Name: Daniel Marlatt

Medium: Sculpted stained wood , miskwaa stone ,clear epoxy resin

Artist Bio:  Daniel Marlatt was born in the City of Toronto , a natural born artist experimenting with every know medium until moving to the Kawarthas where he has found his calling with the beautiful region. Being a full time elemental artist he can be found in his studio most of the time if he is not out wandering his property with a camera located on the banks of the Miskwaa Ziibi (Red River) where his outdoor gallery is also located.

Paddle Description: The design is very simple ,  utilizing the grain of the paddle wood. My inspiration is all around me, all my life I have had a deep connection to nature . I worked with wood panels and unique grains to mimic movement , the miskwaa stone symbolizes the spiritually and history of the Miskwaa Ziibi. 

Starting my art career later in life, now allows me to express myself in my work .  Many of the landscape pieces bring me back to my early years exploring the many lakes and rivers in Ontario.


Where to find more of the artist’s artwork:  my website is danielmarlatt.com , facebook : Daniel James Marlatt . 

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

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