Debra Bannister

Beautiful Buckhorn

Name of the Paddle: Beautiful Buckhorn

Display Location: Buckhorn Tourist Association

Artist Name: Debra Bannister 

Medium:   Acrylic paint and clear acrylic/wood sealer on a Beaver Tail Aspen wood paddle. 

Artist Bio:  Painting has been a passion of mine since I was young. I am a self-educated artist who specializes in watercolor and other water media (acrylic and ink). The organic, independent nature of these mediums fascinates and challenges me. My process of creating art is often very organic, changing and evolving as I work through my artist projects. You can recognize my art by its brilliant hues. 

I have been fortunate to win a number of awards including Juror’s Choice and 1st place at the Buckhorn Art Festival. I have also had the privilege of being commissioned as the last artist to render the Wolseley Barracks at ASU London, Ontario, now residing in the permanent collection of The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum in London, Ontario.

Paddle Description: As a resident of the Buckhorn area and living on Buckhorn Lake, I am constantly observing all manner of life on the lake along the Trent-Severn Waterway. I designed my paddle with this in mind. Boats travelling through Buckhorn must navigate Lock 31. Upon arriving one will see the town’s namesake, the Buckhorn Buck. This area is known for its large population of Whitetail Deer. One may also hear or see the iconic loon along the way or see a bass, perch or Muskie jumping out of the water. Any day on Buckhorn Lake or at Lock 31 is sure to be a new adventure.

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