Joey Todd

Aerial Dream

Name of the Paddle: Aerial Dream 

Display Location: Dockside Bistro

Artist Name: Joey Todd

Medium: Acrylic

Artist Bio:  Joey Todd grew up in a family of artists and has always had a passion for art. She’s spent her entire life pursuing art, thanks to her mother and grandmother’s encouragement. In 2021, they completed the TAS Integrated Arts program. 

Their urge to experiment with and express her creativity has resulted in interesting colour combinations and fascinating texture use. Her ambition to convey and elicit the visual world has been powerfully integrated with their method.

  • Artwork published on front cover of RAPPORT magazine, 2018

Paddle Description: This piece was inspired by the variety of species and landscapes found along the canals. Looking at nature

from a new vantage point, a bird’s eye viewpoint, makes the world seem little. Nature’s beauty and creatures never cease to astonish them, as they continue to inspire her paintings.

Where to find more of the artist’s artwork:  Joey Todd is thinking of pursuing art as a career so we may just see more of their work in the future.

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