Anne Cutting

Fishing at the Dam

Name of the Paddle: Fishing at the Dam

Display Location:  The Saucy Willow Inn

Artist Name: Anne Cutting 

Medium:  Acrylic paint on a Beaver Tail Aspen wood paddle

Artist Bio: I spent many summers enjoying Northern Ontario with family and friends, where my passion for living on the water developed. I enjoy creating happy art inspired by nature. I find painting, gardening and kayaking to be relaxing and therapeutic.

Paddle Description: My Trent-Severn Trail Town Paddle Art is from a photo I took in June 2021 while kayaking on the Gull River near Coboconk.  I have seen the Great Blue Herons many times along this river and enjoy watching them. This day I came across a young Great Blue Heron at the Mud Turtle Park Dam searching the water flow for a tasty fish snack.  He wasn’t disappointed and neither was I. 

Where to find more of Anne Cutting’s artwork:

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