Jordan Cutting

Skerry Sunup

Name of the Paddle: Skerry Sunup

Display Location: Fire or Ice, Coboconk 

Artist Name: Jordan Cutting

Medium: Oil

Artist Bio:

I’m from Coboconk and I’ve lived here for a few years now. I’ve been painting in acrylic since a very early age and, as of late, have just started learning how to paint with water-mixable oil. My artistic approach arose from an experiment with broken colours, in which I painted small brushstrokes or dabs of colour, leaving gaps between the broken brushwork. I wish I could create fine art for a living and dream of one day being able to paint full-time as a professional artist. Apart from creating artwork, I enjoy gardening and horticulture, listening to music, playing guitar, and spending time with my family.

Paddle Description:

Daylight fills the sky and shines through coniferous trees grown root-over-rock on a skerry. Sunlight spills out onto a body of water, and as its reflection is cast, both cool and warm colours glisten across the surface.

Where to find more of the artist’s artwork: 

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