Julia Noakes

Paddling Through Coboconk's History

Name of the Paddle: Paddling through Coboconks History

Display Location: Coboconk Chamber of Commerce

Artist Name: JAN aka Julia Noakes

Medium:  Acrylic paint

Artist Bio: I currently live on a ranch near Bethany Ontario. I lived most of my life in and around the Trent-Severn Waterway. I am currently disabled and spend many a day painting especially during current times. My favorite medium to use is acrylic paint although I have used watercolors and am thinking of trying my hand at oil.  I love to do scenes, especially northern nature scenes. 

Paddle Description: I was honored to do the paddle for Coboconk as the tiny town intrigued me and I wanted to learn about this town that I have traveled through and why it was a Trent-Severn Trail town. The handle of the paddle shows various locks and water activities along the Trent-Severn and ending with the town of Coboconk.  I ran the highway through the town to give the observers’ eye something to follow. In the main body of the paddle, I placed the history of the town from the native beginnings (teepee) and the meaning of the name (sea gulls) to the train station and saw mill. There is also the smallest jail and the brick helm, and different forms of nature which enriched Coboconks history. 

Where to find more of Julia Noakes’ artwork: instagram@julianoakes1961 or Facebook @Julia’s Treasure Trove.

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

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