Jacqueline Morin

Falls at Fenelon Falls

Name of the Paddle: Falls at Fenelon Falls

Display Location: Location pending

Artist Name: Jacqueline Morin

Medium: Acrylic paint 

Artist Bio:

Living in Irondale, Ontario, Jacqueline Kimberly Morin is a self-taught artist who has played with acrylic paint and brushes all her life. She is patient, crafty and curious. She loves working with her hands. The more she explores, the more her mind flows with ideas. Her passion truly lies in ‘The Art of Creating’.

Since launching her full-time career as an artist in 2018, Jacqueline has participated in various juried shows, including the Society of Canadian Artists. Her first paddle creation was published in a magazine article. This was the inspirational event that kicked her artistic career forward.

Her subject matter and medium may vary since she paints what attracts her eye and makes her smile. To spark her creativity, she captures life through the lens of her camera and collaborates with other artists.
Her paintings are inspired by images that trigger her emotions; a look or a scene that brings back memories. What she aims to capture in her painting is that feeling or mood. While she may use wood or canvas as her base, she always paints using acrylics.

Jacqueline’s process remains consistent. She works each section of a painting two or three times until she feels she has achieved the desired detail. This process evolves over several days or weeks. Once completed, she gives it a moment to do its thing and grab her attention. Jacqueline’s subject matter may vary, each selected to evoke a sense of warmth and joy. Each day brings new memories that fill her passion to keep painting!

Paddle Description:

For my Fenelon Falls paddle I selected what I consider to be a major attraction and beautiful area in town – the falls at Lock 34. A place where people gather to get ice cream, and watch the boats go through the lock. The power of the water rushing out is impressive. The falls provide a continuous background atmosphere.
Once I finalized my paddle design idea, I start preparing the paddle. This involves sealing the wood first then applying two coats of Gesso. Once the paddle is dry, I sketch the design by hand and use acrylics as my painting medium. Once completed, I sign it and name it. Then I apply two coats of clear varnish. Each step needs to dry before moving forward to the next step. The result is always rewarding.

Where to find more of the artist’s artwork:  

Website – jkmorindesigns.com

Facebook and Instagram – @jkmorindesigns

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

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