Kate Forrest

Travels Through the Kawarthas

Paddle Name: Travels Through the Kawarthas

Display Location: The Book Lady

Artist Name: Kate Forrest

Medium: Acrylic paint on Aspen wood

Artist Bio:  Kate Forrest is an International Development Studies student at the University of Toronto Scarborough. In her free time she tries out new kinds of art, but always comes back to working with acrylic paint. Growing up in Selwyn and journeying through Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls  and beyond regularly, Kate loves the dense forest, the exposed limestone, and the endless waters this area has to offer. 

Paddle Description: This paddle demonstrates the scenes of beauty that one encounters when travelling through the Kawarthas! Travelling over bridges, past farmers’ fields, past houses on hills, and choppy waters on dams, this paddle is a visual supercut of all the Kawarthas have to offer. It even includes the ospreys that nest high up on poles in the area. Kate worked to ensure that the art felt as though the trip started at the top of the paddle in Buckhorn, and ended outside of Bobcaygeon at the bottom. She was heavily influenced by the scenes she passed on the way to visit her grandparent’s farm as a child. Because of this, this piece is a nostalgic and chronological take on some of the artist’s favorite places. 

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

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