Elisabeth Bembich

Hastings Paddle

Paddle Name: The Hastings Trent-Severn Trail Town Paddle 

Display Location: Bridgewater Cafe and Pizza

Artist Name: Elisabeth Bembich

Medium: Bas Relief with plaster/gypsum, mixed media and completed with acrylic paint. 

Artist Bio: I was born and raised in rural Ontario, Canada. I had the privilege of being raised on a dairy farm by my Dutch Immigrant parents. After leaving home at the age of seventeen I completed my education as a registered nurse and worked in various hospital centers in Ontario. I eventually settled my career in the operating room as a charge nurse in adult/pediatric orthopedic, spine and trauma.

I am a self-taught artist that uses different medians of art as a stress reliever from my work and raising of four children. I became interested in Bas-Relief (pronounced Bah-Relief) approximately ten years ago. Bas relief is a technique that Donatello from Florence Italy used from 1386 – 1466 and it became popular during the 15th century. I create Bas-relief by sculpting plaster/gypsum onto a 2D wooden panel which produces a 3D appearance subtly from all angles. After my image carving is complete, occasionally I add on different mixed media and then complete the art creating with paint.

Paddle Description: I live on the Trent Severn Waterway and frequently witness fish leaping out of the water and landing back with a splash. The fish on the paddle blade is done in a very light Bas-Relief technique and then completed with the colour of aqua blue to produce the feeling of being near water.


Where to find more of Elisabeth’s artwork:

Studio: Fat Seagull Art Studio

Website: www.fatseagullarts.com

Instagram:  @fatseagullartstudio

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