Brant Dunford

Lakefield Landmark Paddle

Name of the Paddle: Lakefield Landmark Paddle

Display Location: Cassis Bistro, Lakefield

Artist Name: Brant Dunford

Medium: Acrylic paint 

Artist Bio:  I’ve lived in Lakefield for 40 years. The Cement Factory was always a recognizable landmark in this town. I frequently boat and fish along the Trent-Severn Waterway and miss seeing the Cement Works on my drives down River Rd. in Lakefield.  I’m married with 2 daughters. I started drawing as a hobby and I sell paddles through my Facebook page “Paddle Décor”. 


Paddle Description: The design is a picture of the Cement Works and the company logo. It’s a recognizable landmark in Lakefield but is no longer standing in the village. A landmark that was once recognizable in Lakefield. I thought of a landmark in Lakefield that had meaning to me and if you’re from Lakefield, you know the Cement Works and have your own memories of it. The Cement Works was not only a recognizable landmark, it’s a place where I used to hang out with friends (even though we weren’t supposed to). 

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