Cynthia Allan

Canadian Beaver

Name of the Paddle: Canadian Beaver

Display Location: Lakefield Bakery on Queen 

Artist Name: Cynthia Allan

Medium: Acrylic Paint with varnish

Artist Bio: I live in the Rural Area of Peterborough County. I have loved Art in any form since I was a child. With a busy life divided between family and work I did not pursue art on a serious level until my retirement. I primarily paint with oil but I love trying new mediums. I am a self-taught artist. Painting gives me the purest joy within. I have taken a few workshops and I’m planning on taking many more. I believe that you should never stop learning. I am an active member of several art groups where the members make you feel like you are part of a community. I live in a Rural area were nature is everywhere, most of these scenes inspire my paintings. I love painting outdoors, plein aire and I have sold my paintings in several shows. There is Art in every part of our life just open your eyes, and enjoy.

Paddle Description: This design was inspired by the Beaver which is a National Symbol, it is seen in our waterways frequently. When I was thinking about a design for the paddle, I saw a new beaver lodge not too far from where I live, I thought now that’s Canadian! It certainly depicts our waterways. I used acrylic paint for the paddle, and covered it with a water proof clear coat when finished.


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