Valerie Kent

Little Epic Red Canoe

Name of the Paddle: Little Epic Red Canoe 

Display Location:  Sunblockers, Lakefield

Artist Name: Valerie Kent 

Medium:  To create the Little Epic Red Canoe Paddle I used several kinds of additives to build up the various textures, including heavy and light gels, and pastes such as fiber paste.  I used different additives for the water and the shoreline and then prepared the silky look for the red canoe.  I painted the scene and layered the water with acrylic paint.  As a final touch I used a two-stage epoxy resin to create the three-dimensional look to the finished painting.  I painted a glossy oil-based red paint to complete the rest of the paddle. 

Artist Bio: Valerie Kent lives in Cavan, Ontario and is a full-time art practitioner, painting and exhibiting her work in galleries locally and internationally, working as an art director at  Galerie Q in Millbrook, ON and teaching art courses online at, and at several art societies, sometimes in person.  She is also an art juror for various art organizations. What I like about The Trent-Severn Waterway is that it is a living network reaching into nature and joining communities and their peoples. I like to paint in all media and I enjoy driving around this beautiful area I live in. 

Paddle Description: My paddle design is a pretty red canoe close to a shoreline.  It is a beautiful sunny day and there are light waves lapping against the sand. It is the ideal day to use a paddle and head out into nature skimming the water.  I love watching canoes, so graceful and melodic! My artwork symbolizes freedom and a personal little bit of heaven out on the water. I was very happy painting my paddle and I am very happy with the completed paddle. I hope it brings as much joy to the viewers of the paddles in the Trent-Severn Trail Town Paddle Art Project as it has already succeeded in bringing to me.  I cannot wait to see as many of the paddles as possible.  

Where to find more of Valerie’s artwork:  Miskwaa Art Studio and Outdoor Gallery

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